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Talys Inc.

We provide technology solutions and electronic design services. Our core business is IoT and products connectivity.
We help our customers to acheive their goals with innovative and reliable solutions.
Talys offers a full range of connected modules for monitoring and control of several devices, with a powerful cloud platform for data collection and processing.
We also offer full custom electronic design services including project management, full functional prototypes as well as series products.


project management

systems integration

IoT solutions

custom electronic design

monitoring and control

assembly services

By 2020, more than 24 billion internet-connected devices will be installed globally - that's more than 4 devices for every human on earth.

- Business Insider -




Connects sensor nodes and controllers to Talys Cloud Platform.
WiFi / LTE compatible.

Temperature / RH sensor

Allows monitoring temperature and relative humidity. Can be battery powered (option).

Current sensor

Monitors power consumption in real time. Statistics and data analysis are available through our Cloud Platform.

Wiresless controllers

Allows controlling light, heating, HVAC, etc. Compatible with a wide range of devices.

Leak detector

Detects water leaks and sends alerts via e-mail, SMS or phone calls.


Pool monitoring
Connected pool to visualize water PH level and temperature in real time, create alerts via a cloud platform. Can be combined with controllers to start and stop pumps or thermopumps remotely.
Smart parking
Wireless sensors allow real time visualization of parking lots occupancy and managing restricted parking areas. Such system can also help to reduce traffic generated by users looking for free spaces.
Building management
Owners can benefit from all-in-one cloud platforms for managing their buildings. Sensors will help preventing sinisters while smart controllers can generate saving on energy costs.
Smart industry
From air quality sensors to machinery cycling controllers, connected systems make industrial environments pleasant and more productive while providing peace of mind to both administrators and operators.
Smart farming
Wireless sensors and controllers deployed across the farm and its installations allow generating useful data to improve productivity and save time with all-in-one management dashboards.
Energy monitoring
With the emergence of clean energy, smart solutions have become essential for operating and maintaining efficient systems using techniques such as production and consumption monitoring.
of businesses have seen a return on their IoT investments
productivity increase in delivery and supply chain performance thanks to IoT
of energy costs can be reduced using connected sensors in smart cities
of global manufacturers will use data from connected devices to identify optimization possibilities


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